HUBRAUM Car Storage


Professional car storage

clean – dry – spacious – UV protection

Oldtimer parken in Oldtimer Garage

Premium Car Service

by experienced professional car mechanic

Constant temperature

temperature and humidity control


State-of-the-art alarm and video technology

HUBRAUM – the perfect solution

Premium car storage

As one makes one’s bed, so one rests!

High-quality vehicles demand high quality storage facilities. Professional storage is indispensable for maintaining a well-kept condition. In this way, the value of your car can be maintained and increased over the years. Our professional storage in a closed and temperature-controlled hall with security service offers your automotive darling the greatest possible comfort.

Only trained staff will take care of your valuable investment

The luxury garage

The “HUBRAUM” offers you as the owner of a sports car or classic car the following indispensable conditions, which are necessary for the professional adjustment of the automobile. – Clean, dry and low-dust storage of the vehicle – Constant temperature in the hall – Horizontal parking space – Parking space for the everyday vehicle during the use of your luxury item – S-Bahn connection within a 4-minute walk – Discreet storage – Not visible to the public – Access for vehicle owners only – Electricity connection at each parking space – Compressed air connection – Gas station on the premises.

The security

The “HUBRAUM” has its own security system with live connection to the security centre. A modern camera surveillance system allows you as the vehicle owner to take an individual look into the hall and at your vehicle at any time. Simply and securely view the live image via your smart phone or PC.

A fire alarm system also offers perfect protection for your vehicle.

Car Storage costs - Choose from our 4 packages


Professional documentation of vehicle data with photos during initial storage

Electricity connection including electricity costs

Horizontal parking space with sealed surface

Storage space in temperature-controlled hall

Low-dust and dry storage

High-security alarm monitoring with live audio and video transmission to the alarm centre
24 / 7 / 365

Video surveillance
24 / 7 / 365

Fire alarm system
24 / 7 / 365

Battery service: Battery maintenance charging during the storage period

Tyre service: tyre pressure check during the storage period



213,00 € p.m. incl. VAT


Standard package
plus additionally:

Check In / Check Out Service

Technical check before delivery

Documentation of condition incl. photos

Check of oil, fluids and air pressure

Covering / tarping of vehicle

max. 2 x / month / vehicle









260,00 € p.m. incl. VAT


Standard Plus Package
plus additionally:

Monitoring of due maintenance

Monitoring of main inspection and exhaust inspection

Engine run service:

Monthly engine start and warm-up

Switching on air conditioning and heating

Oil drip pans (2 pieces) – by us

Car cover – free vehicle cover for duration of storage




344,00 € p.m. incl. VAT

Black Exclusive

Premium Package
plus additionally:















Price on request

Basic Services

  • Documentation of vehicle condition at check in / check out
  • S-Bahn connection within 4 minutes walking distance
  • Central compressed air connection in the check in / out area
  • Vehicles are handed over in the customer lounge
  • Gas station in the direct vicinity
  • Discreet storage – not visible to the public
  • Key storage in safe – keyless entry protection
  • Trained specialist staff
  • No public access – access only for vehicle owners

Further services

High quality car care

Preserving the good pays off.

Classic cars and luxury vehicles are like good wines. They need a lot of time to mature and if treated incorrectly they can spoil. To ensure that your vehicle stays in perfect condition and increases its value, it requires expert care. From paint cleaning to engine care, we are at your side with our trained staff for vehicle preparation. No matter whether it’s a convertible, a youngtimer, a classic car or a sports car.

Exklusive car transport

Classic cars and sports cars are valuable witnesses to automotive history and as such are often too good to be used merely to cover distances. Rather, they embody an attitude to life. We take care of the distance so that your jewel is always where you want it to be. Whether it’s your holiday destination, the workshop, the race track or an exhibition – we will bring your automobile safely, quickly and discreetly to its destination. All over Europe. Sensitivity and professional competence are required here.

Professional car photography

Do the lines and contours of your car excite you? With the special lighting technique of our photographer, the lines of your car are artistically emphasised.

This creates beautiful photos for sale, the private photo collection or as a gift for others.

Car sales

You want to sell your vehicle or buy a vehicle? As a customer, use our network and our platform. Through our professional network, we know how to bring people into contact.

Car storage checklist - how to store and winterize your car:

      1. Clean the car thoroughly – the underbody and engine compartment are also beneficial now – and make sure it is clean and, above all, dry.
      2. Check the paintwork, underbody and wheel arches for stone chips and repair any minor damage or have it repaired. This prevents rust and preserves the paint.
      3. Fill up your car with gas before putting it into storage to prevent rust on the gas cap. Newer vehicles now usually have a plastic tank. In this case, filling the tank is not necessary.
      4. Increase the tyre pressure to 3 bar – even better: -tyre shoes
      5. If it has been a while since the last service, change the engine oil again – over time, acids and other aggressive substances may have formed, which can attack the material during the idle period.
      6. If the winter quarters do not have heating facilities, fill up the wiping water to be on the safe side. This will prevent freezing of tanks, pipes and pumps.
      7. Vacuum the interior and clean washable surfaces with a damp cloth. Make sure everything is dry again. Leave a window open a crack to ensure ventilation. This way, bad odors don’t stand a chance.
      8. Don’t put on the handbrake – the brake pads could get tight over the time you put it in storage.
      9. Disconnect the battery or not? Several factors are crucial here: if the room temperature is consistently around 10 degrees or more, disconnecting is not necessary. Charge the battery fully. To be on the safe side, you can also connect a battery charger. As a general rule, the lower the temperature of the storage room, the longer the standing time and the older the car, the better it is to disconnect or even remove the battery.
      10. Finally, you can store your mobile treasure under an air-permeable cover until spring.

If you need help preparing for the winter break or have no way to adequately winterize your car – we’ll be happy to help.

What else?

  • Insurance service for valuable vehicles
  • Registration service nationwide / H-plates
  • Preparation of value appraisals and full appraisals
  • General inspection / exhaust emission test
  • Close contact to restoration and repair workshops
  • Heliport
  • Paint shop
  • Spare parts procurement from recognised parts dealers
  • Smart repair and dent repair
  • Upholstery and soft top repairs / saddlers
  • Wheelset storage
  • Sandblasting, glass blasting, soda blasting, dry ice blasting
  • Vehicle transfers – worldwide shipping
  • Airport service Munich or Salzburg


HUBRAUM CAR STORAGE for your classic, luxury or sports car


    RSB Hubraum GmbH
    Westring 2
    85614 Kirchseeon (München/Deutschland)

    T.: +49 8091-56 56 -70

    F.: -49 8091- 56 56 – 77



    is located in Munich - East and has quick access to the national and international motorway network. Only 5 minutes away from the A99 motorway. The most beautiful Alpine roads to Austria, Italy and Switzerland are on the doorstep.

    Opening hours

    Monday-Thursday 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
    Friday  9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

    further dates by arrangement