Our partners

We see ourselves not only as partners of our customers and clients, but also of like-minded people. Of people, clubs and organizations who all share the love for the special automobile.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce you to the partners of HUBRAUM Carstorage.

Supercar Sharing

Supercar Sharing is a Swiss company that brings together collectors, investors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of special vehicles to make dreams come true: supercar ownership. Through the use of crowdfunding, you enable people to collectively acquire shares of unique vehicles with little to no depreciation. All shareholders can drive the respective vehicles through the exclusive car sharing club – sustainable commitment and driving fun are the main focus.

Through this innovative solution, Supercar Sharing guarantees the optimum and helps its customers save 5-10 times the annual costs by sharing maintenance, insurance, storage, etc. with the other shareholders.

Learn more on the official website of Supercar Sharing.

Ultimate Driving Tours

Ultimate Driving Tours offers a selection of super sports cars on exceptional routes – worldwide.

Whether you want to tick a box on your bucket list with a special someone in a super sports car, be part of a super sports car tour across stunning sceneries and exclusive hotels, or even experience unforgettable moments at motorsport events, Ultimate Driving Tours is your partner.

Learn more on the official website of Ultimate Driving Tours.

Lion's Run

Lion’s Run is a premiere automotive lifestyle adventure company and one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands with numerous social events. With a perfect combination of a modern day car rally and over 400 Lion’s Run alumni drivers since 2013, the Lion’s Run Winter and Summer South & North Editions are unique events in a class of their own.

In the process, members grow into a new family through their shared passions, sharing their experiences and friendships throughout the year.

Lion’s Run participants experience new routes each year with new cities, new high-level hotels and a new unparalleled program that is part of the Lion’s Run concept.

“With no detail left untouched, Lion’s Run challenges you to find a better way to celebrate the automotive dream than with us, because there can only be one #1.” M. Huebner

Learn more at the official Lions Run website.

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